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Everyone has a favorite singer-songwriter strumming along on an acoustic guitar and singing some easygoing, feel-good songs. SmartSound creates new favorites with the release of the royalty-free album Organic Pop with its myriad of excellent Acoustic Guitar Background Music. Fresh and positive vibes, hinting of new beginnings and second chances are laid down by warm acoustic guitar grooves instilling the sense comfort and joy. Choosing acoustic guitar music to accompany refreshing scene is a promising way to create an, inviting, happy and warm backdrop for your project.

Featured Acoustic Guitar Music

Big Three Sixty

Fone It In

Hoot Town

Red Wine

Say A Prayer

Organic Pop AlbumOrganic Pop promotes clean, positive images and it’s tough to choose from one of the 10 excellent tracks featuring acoustic guitar background music, so begin with Big Three Sixty with its refreshing acoustic theme, led by guitar, toe-tapping drums and snappy cymbals. Big Three Sixty is gentle, light, driving and we like its inspiring, positive feel. Fone It In has an upbeat groove, too, and its driving, energetic and exciting music is cheerful and uplifting and will lend a touch of hope to any scene. The acoustic guitar music featured in Hoot Town lends an energetic boost to an up-tempo track that’s a bit driving and energetic and also hypnotic and pulsating.

Red, Red, WineOrganic Pop continues to please with Red Wine—a mid-tempo, feel-good acoustic track that pops with piano and synthesizer as it springs confidently along with a pop rock beat. Red Wine has that kind of tune you find yourself humming because you like its heartwarming feel. Say A Prayer is next up on the album with a breezy, confident drive that’s fresh and uplifting and adds a bit of an earthy, outdoorsy feel to the cut. Consider this breezy, acoustic music background for nature scenes, product videos, commercials, corporate communications; lots of options with Say A Prayer.

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Whatever you choose for your royalty-free Acoustic Guitar Background Music let SmartSound’s extensive music library cinch the deal on your project.

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