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We love our action scenes, and Smartsound knows it, with 330 tracks offering action-packed royalty free music.  We blogged about it back in August 6, 2012, and the new releases since then are keeping it real and revved up!

Core Evolution’s Alternative Rock “Green Time” slyly starts out, oh-so-noncommittal, like you’re just strolling out for a Sunday walk in the park.  But before long, heavy drums and driving bass kick in, and dream-like, the mood jumps to a hotly-contested competitive scene where human limits pushed to the limits. Electric guitar, organ, and even strings join the intense crowd and pack a powerful musical punch in this rockin’ track.

Featured Action Packed Royalty Free Music

Green Time

Escape Car

Driving My Bass


Bring It On

Tense “Escape Car” from album Crime Scene takes the same tack, with 15-20 seconds of subdued, quiet electronica, then turbulent drums bust in and race ahead full bore, lighting up the final scene of your action TV/Film Drama, with  pulse-pounding chase-scene action.

Electric bass and synthesizer rock won’t leave you in the dust in edgy “Driving My Bass,” from Craig S. Garfinkle Vol. 1, Emotive and Dramatic. Your hero will be ready for the big race, and you’ll be right there perched on the hood, no turning back, in this fierce, exciting track.

From an album with the unlikely title of A Breath of Fresh Air comes the sinister, surpise action piece, “Persecution.”  Strings and suspenseful vocals create a dramatic countdown perfect for big-screen trailers.

Striving action-packed cut “Bring It On” from Classic Sports never lets up the intensity, with electric guitar, brass section, French horn, and fierce drums joining the orchestra.  Your character’s riding a wave of Olympic-sized glory after winning the big game, or is never gonna give up trying for the prize.

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From Sports FX, to scenes of epic competition of all kinds, Smartsound’s Action Packed royalty free music drives the point home, punching up the excitement by orders of magnitude.  The search alone for the perfect track is an extreme adventure in its own right.  Enjoy the ride!

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