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Orchestral Comedy is another outstanding album by composer Francisco Becker. The album’s tracks cover the gamut of comedic range, from screwball scenes to the tongue-in-cheek, and even suspenseful comedy is covered. Pratfalls? Check. Mockumentary? Sure thing. Whatever style of comedic score your scene requires, you’ll find it on Orchestral Comedy. Some of the many notable tracks on this royalty-free album include:

Featured Album Feature: Orchestral Comedy

Magical Fate

Tipsy Cat

Challenging Puzzle

Tanguito Molto

Undercover Operative


  • Reminiscent of a certain big-eared rodent struggling as an apprentice to a wizard, Magical Fate has a percussive beat that rises and falls to instill a classical comedic tension to your scenes.
  • Tipsy Cat, on the other hand, will beef up any slapstick scene. Booming tuba accompanies playful banjo and well-paced strings. Its three Variations and 12 Instrument Mixes give you a lot of room to play around, to get just the right vibe for your scene.
  • Challenging Puzzle overflows with trombone, strings, and rolling snare. It begins with a positive, upbeat tone and then ebbs and flows with rising and falling tension. It all leads up to a triumphant crescendo — and then a hilariously flat ending. Womp womp womp…
  • Tanguito Molto relies on brass, strings, and a synth with special effects to deliver a top-notch comedic track that brings to mind a Tango Dance scene. Perfect for when your character has to balance an improbably large number of objects — or just make a fool of themselves.
  • Every screwball comedy has a stealth scene, where the main character has to break into the dean’s office, or retrieve their buddy’s thumb drive… Undercover Operative is the perfect backdrop for those scenes.With xylophone, piano, clarinet and more, this quirky track boasts a whopping 6 Variations and 13 Instrument Mixes!
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The best royalty-free music albums give you everything you need to lay down background scores throughout the entire video project, and Orchestral Comedy delivers in spades. And with SmartSound’s award-winning technology, adjusting the score’s length to perfectly fit any scene takes only seconds. And don’t forget the impressive Mood Mapping feature of SmartSound’s SonicFire Pro application! Try it out with the free version, and you’ll never go back.

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