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First cut to consider is Scenic Journey from the album Intrigue & Tension with selections that evoke a sense of mystery and romance. Scenic Journey is a beautiful track that’s delicate, reflective and soothing as a silver flute floats angelically along. This graceful romantic piece is well-suited for dreamy and heartwarming scenes with its feathery flute melody that’s soft and reflective.

Tender MomentsThe album Tender Moments boasts too many great selections to review here, but definitely consider A Tender Melody with a heartwarming, pensive and poignant melody thanks to a serene clarinet and delicate strings. Poignant Feelings is another winner with its tranquil, angelic and soft reflective piano melody that lends a serene touch to the score. The track So Far From You is also piano-driven and brings a heartwarming, reflective, romantic feel to the track. Consider it for a nature scene, biography, tribute; it’s a hopeful, delicate and moving piece. Oh, one final choice you have to listen to is Time is Gold because the sweeping strings and touching piano are reminiscent of tender, hopeful moments.

Heartwarming, angelic orchestra music soundtracks are ideal for a wide variety of productions and you can be assured that SmartSound has the ideal track for your needs in our extensive music library. Our award winning, patented music technology allows you to customize our royalty free soundtracks every way imaginable and you will love the results.

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