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Soft Frequencies

Journey to the Golden Ark



Aether Dance

A lush orchestral work instilling mystery and wonder, Journey to the Golden Ark creates a deep and rich backing for your next big screen adventure. In fact, the Amotz Plessner & Friends Vol 1 – Epic Drama album is stacked with live, full orchestra and chorus, recorded in multi-layer. The songs are big and dramatic — cues for scoring scenes of panoramic action and emotion. The versatility of these tracks is unmatched when you customize your own music mixes with Mood Mapping: Truly an album that underscores SmartSound’s commitment to deliver the highest quality music.

For something a little darker, try the song Nevermore. Its sinister undercurrents propel this dark and mysterious bed which makes a great background for ‘noir’ subject matter. This track takes from its parent album Primetime Drama which contains suspenseful, pensive and cloudy, dramatic cues that heighten anticipation — outcome unknown.

The appropriately named Atmospheric Energy album features a collection of vibrant pieces with a range of feelings from light and airy to the more intense. Steady, percussive beats interspersed with a variety of accents define this album along with one of its songs, Rusko. This track has otherworldly leads that float over an eclectic groove and form an interesting electronic bed for science or dramatic projects.

Finally, percolating percussiveness merge with atmospheric textures in Aether Dance, a relaxing chill out selection. Speaking of that, the Chilled & Shaken album is filled with cool, mellow tunes. It’s a great combination of tracks that can be used for subtle mood enhancement, dramatic inspiration or a stylish corporate image.

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