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Background Jazz Music adds class and style to scenes yearning for a bluesy, grooving rhythm. SmartSound’s royalty-free music adds another layer of sophistication to background jazz tunes that run the gamut from jazz ballads and gypsy jazz to smooth, cool, classic and mellow jazz. Of course, everyone loves the rich strains of trumpet jazz a la Louis Armstrong and SmartSound offers luxurious strains as well. Whatever your preference, SmartSound’s unique jazz music collection features exciting options.

Mann Up!A bluesy flute solo floats breezily along to a hip-hop beat with Mann Up from the track Acid Jazz, volume 1 complete with vinyl record scratching which adds an urban flair to this snappy, rappy track. Mann Up puts you squarely in the club dancing, in the community socializing or finds its way into the background for an indie or short film.

Acid Jazz, volume 1 also presents Wait a Minute delivering a smooth, body-grooving rhythm combine a splendid flute with slick instrumentals for a jazz funk, hip-hop beat. Not to be outdone is Yeah Man—as a pulsating tenor saxophone drives the beat in this toe-tapping slick and quirky instrumental. The sax is a powerful woodwind adding sophistication and versatility to this great cut.

New Nu JazzNu Jazz is an easy listening Latin American jazz fusion track loaded with treats. Check out the trumpet and percussion driving the cool groove in Like Wes from the album Nu Jazz. Smooth, Latin tempos are revealed by keys, guitars and a wailing electric trumpet. Nu Jazz also serves up Modal—an energetic track featuring a pulsating sax and instrumentals which make this jazzy combo an easy choice for Background Jazz Music.All SmartSound tracks are available in 15, 30 and 60-second increments as well as a full four minutes. Additional customization features allows Background Jazz Music to perfectly complement your song, scene or video.

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