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Background music for training videos is important. New and prospective employees should feel enthusiastic about their training, and the right score in the background is vital to drawing out the right emotions. Whether talking about the dangers of improper lifting or the joy of using the right actuarial chart, training video producers need the right tool for the job. Luckily, SmartSound’s Royalty-Free Music library includes hundreds of appropriate tracks. Just a few off the top include: 

Featured Background Training Music

World Of Tomorrow


Big Three Sixty

Lemon Yellow


  • World Of Tomorrow from the album Positive Biz Vol 2. New Age and easygoing, this score will inspire the audience with its electronic, percussion, piano and synthesizer instrumentals. Also a great fit for commercials and documentaries.
  • Revelation, off of Power Play, is heartwarming and heroic. A studio orchestra overlays the pop/rock instrumentation, bringing out a sense of the possible and growing excitement. It’s perfect for cutting-edge product videos, too!
  • Check out Big Three Sixty from the album Organic Pop — Leisurely yet refreshing, this airy score is earthy and outdoorsy, bringing your audience to an understanding of the possibilities. It’s a great score for training videos, but also ideal for home videos and commercials.
  • Or there’s Lemon Yellow, a track that brings out Big Happy Thoughts in the audience. Carefree, perky, upbeat — take your pick of adjectives! Also great for hold music, this track has 3 Variations and 11 Instrument Mixes so you can mix it up and get the perfect motivational vibe for any scene in your training videos.
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