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From heroic to haunting, Bold and Powerful Royalty Free Music from SmartSound builds the drama with styles ranging from classic-sounding orchestral to angry electronica.

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Make It or Break It

Epic Chronicle

Dramatic Sensation

From Fun & Games comes a ferocious Hard Rock selection, Beehive.  Not for your mama’s genteel garden video, this slammin track is more at home in Sports Footage or Commercials.  Drums and Electric Guitar pound out a steady, driving beat with a few vocals thrown in, set up for roiling around in the background without a lot of melody to it.

Screaming electronica sets the futuristic stage in Expunction.  This intense dubstep track from Massive Edge Orchestral also screams Video Game or Film Trailer for an Action Drama that’s pretty much guaranteed to include some giant mechanical nasties.—variations Krunch, Violator and Surge, among others, keep the mood vicious.

Just as powerful, but with much more of a melodic tone, Live Wire’s Make It or Break It almost has the ring of 70’s/80’s rock.  The electric guitar work is outstanding; a great track to dress up a serious retro scene, or even a Home Movie clip featuring bike riders of all intensities.

Ominous orchestral track Epic Chronicle from Craig Stuart Garfinkle Vol. 1 – Emotive and Dramatic, sets the mood with sharp reports from the string section and percussion rather than electronic devices.  Suspense builds for TV/Film Dramas battle climaxes or even the build-up to the battle scene.  You know stuff’s on the move with this one, and you’re not sure where it’s gonna be coming from!

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A Breath of Fresh Air provides cinematic powerhouse Dramatic Sensation, featuring all the box-office favorite orchestral sections from energetic horns to fierce percussion, even to raucous flute vignettes—go figure!  Roll out this classy bold and powerful track for Indie Film, Animation, or Suspense productions. 

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