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Flash Alert

Fully Invested

In Depth

Key To Stardom

Paparazzi Alt

                Flash Alert from the album Above and Beyond has the perfect sound that can be used for a variety of newscasts and several spots, from the intro to a rejoin.  This particular track uses a studio Orchestra to create a slow, yet powerful sound.  This is a type of news track that can be heard during a local nightly news program or even the more dramatic cable news shows.   It uses enough action to be used for a breaking story, yet it is still subtle enough to even be used as a sign-off track. 

                Another track from SmartSound’s collection is Fully Invested off the album Newsworthy.  This uses a stronger drum line along with the orchestra to create an exciting and pulsating sound.  This particular track can be described as being used more for a corporate news show.   While it is definitely action-packed, it has an even tempo that is more suitable for a news show such as one focused on money, global issues, or politics.  

                In Depth, a track from the Headlines/ Corporate/ Dramatic album, is more of a general news show.  It uses that intense initial rock band sound that speaks to the audience and gains that primary interest.  The use of a saxophone makes this track stand out and helps it create its exciting, edgy sound.  Another track on that same album that uses a similar rock band sound along with a saxophone is Key to Stardom.  This track has a lot of the same energy as In Depth, but uses the brass section sound to make it more intense.  This particular track can also be described as lively and used in those programs that seek something similar in its audience.

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Paparazzi Alt from the album Headlines/ Corporate/ Dramatic has a more breaking news feel to it.  This is a versatile track in its ability to be used during different times of a news show. It definitely causes that exciting, heart-pounding feeling that is important for a breaking story, specific segment, etc.  Each of the tracks in SmartSound’s Royalty Free collection carry the exciting energy to be used throughout any kind of newscast and is sure to grasp the audience at any point of the broadcast.


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