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Calm background music influences romance, western, Indie, outdoors, World and even ethereal scenes. Calm music is often serene, tranquil and relaxing. It leaves the spirit unruffled and feeling at peace. Though it’s not meant to instill suspense or intrigue, calm music can also precede scenes of absolute terror surprising viewers with the quick dramatic switch and be surprisingly effective.

Featured Calm Royalty Free Background Music


Empty Surprise

No Frills

A Champion’s Start

Strength in Tears


Calm and AmbientThe album Upright Bass Underscores has a plethora of calm background music. Elusive is warm and mellow with a Latin style or jazz feel. This calm and reflective tune will lend a hypnotic and suspenseful feel to scenes. Check out the gentle and sentimental Empty Surprise with its ambient and reflective mood set by upright bass, light drums and synth. No Frills is a calm, lazy and leisurely soundtrack with a bouncy shuffle from an R&B band; the playful feel offers a refined and intimate setting for a commercial, home or product video that would benefit from calm, cool and soothing background music.

Reflective StrengthThe album Captivating Portraits offers A Champion’s Start with its positive, inspirational and heartwarming melody led by a gentle acoustic guitar. A Champion’s Start yearns to be in the background of an earthy, country or medieval setting as folkloric instruments create a serene, soothing and tender musical backdrop. Mystified is a calm but ethereal tune with an incessant, hypnotic beat and layers of mystical pensiveness. Spirited fingerpicking adds a pensive, mystical emotion to this score. Strength in Tears heralds heartwarming emotion and is a majestic and moving soundtrack ideal for a reflective, tranquil setting.

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