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Consider Bossa Lament, an easy-going Brazilian Bossa Nova from the album Bossa/Retro/Cool (PS07) with its feathery vocals without words which are calm, gentle and soothing. Vocals without words are often used as part of the orchestration and Bossa Lament is a mellow Latin American jazz combo; check it out for travel and home video productions.

The album Pandemic is bursting with memorable music from this San Diego band featuring the vocals of Nova Page. Pandemic features several calm vocal tracks, including A Million Miles and Reappear; both tracks feature gentle, reflective, tender and hopeful music. A Million Miles is a pop ballad of love that’s tender and touching with an urban feel and Reappear is another indie-pop track with a reflective and urban-styled healing theme.

Reflective music from Josh Eagle and the Harvest City features Josh’s gravelly, heartfelt vocals in the track West Coast. Reflective and calm vocals enhance this atmospheric track ideal for an indie film or gentle background music. Singer-songwriter Brady Harris is known for his sensitive lyrics and Stars Shine Bright is a fine example of intimate, tender and mellow music. His calm vocals in the background can be dialed up or down with SmartSound’s Mood Mapping which allows you to easily blend vocals in and out of your scenes.

Calm Vocal Music, with or without lyrics, can enhance your scene or production and SmartSound’s vast royalty free music library has endless customizable soundtracks for you to choose. Be assured that our royalty free background music can be perfectly customized and our amazing, patented, award winning technology ensures music unique to your project—every time.

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