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Hearts RevealedCalming harp music adds touches of inspiration, tranquility and heartwarming emotions to scenes as one envisions cherubic angels plucking delicate stringed harps on high. Harpists are mesmerizing to watch as they roll and sway and become one with the music they create with these beautiful instruments. Calming harp music is the ideal background for scenes of tender romance as well as tense, haunting dramas.

Featured Calming Harp Royalty Free Music

Gentle Harp


Moment of Truth

World Comes to Life

A Child’s Daydream

Tender MusicGentle Harp from the album Thematic Essentials blossoms with promise as a tender and romantic harp brings a dignified elegance to this intimate, reflective song. Harp and oboe are at the forefront of Emaline on Solo Simplicity. Emaline creates a calm, gentle, innocent scene with breezy, mellow, outdoorsy music perfect for a summer scene.

Moment of Truth from the album Updraft is ideal for a soft but tense scene needing a haunting, hypnotic pulse. Soft and gentle guitar, piano, harp and strings flow through Moment of Truth lending it a hopeful quality. The emotionally-charged soundtrack World Comes to Life from Indie Film Fest features piano, strings, harp and oboe with ethereal, intriguing tones. The track is ideal for building drama, suspense and tension with its mysterious, pensive quality.

Silly and CarefreeJump to A Child’s Daydream on the album Goofy, Silly & Sweet for a carefree, playful and upbeat tune ideal for a children’s commercial or scene. Kids love silliness and the wacky and quirky flute, guitar, harp, recorder and ukulele elevate this tender, old-fashioned tune to the top of the charts.

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Many scenes shine brightly as calm harp music sways gently in the background. Whatever you need, we’re sure you’ll find it in SmartSound’s music library. We’ve composed royalty free background music with you in mind. Take a whirl through the library and consider how you can easily and quickly customize your scene with our patented music technology. SmartSound—The Only Customizable Royalty Free Music Library.

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