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Bring a sense of wonder and spirit with these Irish-influenced tracks. From the tranquility of the dense morning fog to a scene of merriment, these tracks set the atmosphere for a wide range of productions. Multi-Layer format allows for removal of uniquely Irish instruments for a wider range of uses.

All ‘Round

Traditional Irish sounds meet the modern dance beat in this uptempo fusion of cultures. Great for world-themed visuals.

Bonnie Green

A dreamy walk through the Irish countryside, featuring low whistle and bagpipes. A calm backdrop for nostalgic productions.

Bridge To The Quiet Man

This atmospheric stroll builds into a full acoustic arrangement and features the quintessential Irish sound of the Uilleann Pipes.

Cat’s Cradle

This rollicking selection is a great all-around Irish track featuring fiddle and acoustic guitar. Works great for scenes of good times, friends and gatherings.

Galway Stomp

Irish folk-rock at its best. Try it in your next world-themed production.

Kilkenny Dance

This brooding but steady-paced selection can set an atmospheric or mysterious mood. Features distant bagpipes and whistle.

Nuala’s Fancy

A heartfelt, Irish-flavored acoustic track, just right for melancholy moments or scenes of love lost.

Over And Away

This hopeful Irish folk ballad can set the stage for better times ahead. Also works as a general background for multi-cultured videos.

Pub Dance

This fun Irish reel with a modern beat can serve well under scenes of good times. Features fiddle.

Return To Me

An atmospheric and heartfelt stroll with an Irish influence. Ideal for scenes of serenity.

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