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Smartsound’s Cinematic Royalty Free Music provides albums echoing the intensity of big screen movies and TV programs. In fact, Smartsound music has starred in a number of TV and movie productions, including TV’s American Idol finals (May 24, 2011), and movies, Tropic Thunder and Bucket List. Smartsound’s Cinematic Music often «sounds like» many popular Top 40’s songs, or at the other end of the spectrum, classical music favorites. You might think, «Why not just use the popular songs themselves?» Two obstacles in that line of thinking make Royalty Free Cinematic Music a good choice. The first is the obvious one—in using existing songs, you and your production will be forever bound to paying out royalties to the artists — not a terrible thing, just an ongoing expense, which Royalty Free Music avoids. The second is less obvious. The whole aim of the sound editor is to create a specific mood in the viewer. When well-known songs in our culture are used, almost everyone who hears them has an ingrained response to the song based on their own personal history. This may or may not be what the sound editor had in mind, so «sounds like» keeps the viewer in the same general mood area, as well as deeply-intrigued with «where have I heard that before?» Here are some examples:

Featured Cinematic Royalty Free Music



Fallen Warriors

Far Far Away

Night Mischief

Album Screening Room features a highly-orchestrated collection of intense cues to add just the right touch to suspense, action, and fantasy scenes, as well as those of panoramic beauty. Take tender, heartwarming Americana for example. There’s no way to avoid being swept up into a nostalgic mood by the poignant strains of violin solos with full orchestra behind, in this touching pastorale. Many of the tracks on this album support suspense scenes, such as brooding, ominous Talisman. Electronic piano and synths swirls together in this TV/Film Drama-style contemplative track.
Amotz Plessner and Friends albums as well as the Richard Band series appear in Cinematic Music. The heavy orchestral elements of many of these tracks, such as Fallen Warriors from A.P., Volume 3 typify the dramatic sweep of these series. Add the magic touch to your family entertainment projects (animation, video games, films, and TV) with album Land of Wonder. It provides a fantasy world of orchestral backgrounds, from silly Sparkling Smiles to gentle, happy Far Far Away to mock sinister Night Mischief. Smartsound Cinematic music brings up the grandeur and feel of video productions on the big screen. Regardless of whether your project is a Home Video (of epic proportions!) or a full-scale mainstream movie, Cinematic Music supplies the depth and breadth you need. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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