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Interestingly enough, the number of tracks answering to both Classical and Orchestral among the SmartSound stacks is relatively small.  However dozens of songs in the Classical department, played with full orchestra, could easily take their place in productions needing Classical Royalty Free Orchestral Music. 

Leading the pack, as appropriate, is Cinema Standards, arranged by Ron Sorbo.  Immediately recognizable from its use as theme music for the Apollo space program, and in 2001, A Space Odyssey, this theme makes a fantastic intro for stories of epic proportions. 

Brand New Day-YS

Eternal Flame

I Will Go On

Autumn Rain One

Other tracks in this description have been covered in previous posts, such as New Royalty Free Orchestral Drama (January 5, 2012.) so we’re focusing on some of the other great classical tracks.

Exhilirating, yet dignified, Ode to Joy, also found in Cinema Standards, is the quintessence of all that’s hopeful.  For celebratory scenes in Religious productions, Animation, or even, if you have a sense of humor, for On-Hold music, this lyrical arrangement comes from the final movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

Dignified Italian piece Nessun Dorma from International Traditions is a true classic, but may only be familiar to opera fans—it’s from the opera ‘Turandot’ by Puccini.  Use this World-style song in Travel or Home Videos for its uplifting, traditional tone.

We like confident Amadeus Drama from Parlour Games, where Chamber Group strings are joined by harpsichord in a sophisticated Baroque gem.  Try it in a stately application for Short Films or Indie Films.

Those tracks from SmartSound’s Classical Royalty Free Orchestral music which are historic classics make great backgrounds for video projects that need to create an exact mood through their familiarity.  The usage may be tongue-in-cheek, such as putting the Hallelujah Chorus to work in a Home Video celebrating an event that’s heroic and expansive only in the eye of the family.  Use the SmartSound Advantage to craft a feeling of passionate elegance with “new classical music,” that which sounds majestic and eternal through its style, but doesn’t tempt viewers to wander off down memory lane to the last time they heard that famous song.

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