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SmartSound’s collection of classical music is impressive, with 28 albums currently featuring tracks labeled as classical.  Numbers from genuinely classical composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart are well-represented, as are modern composers who write in classical style.  Just as guitars are essential in modern rock music, strings are the heavy hitters in classical.  SmartSound’s Classical Royalty Free Strings Music fills these albums with the beautiful sounds of violins, violincellos, and acoustic basses.

Featured Classical Royalty Free Strings Music

Hallelujah Chorus

Ode To Joy

Romeo And Juliet

William Tell


Baroque musical style implies embellishment with flourishes as colorful as they are, sometimes, extreme.  Spirited Baroque 1 from album Parlour Games pours it on, despite only four instruments used in this Chamber Group quartet track.  It’s regal and dignified, reflecting the power of just a few people working together.   As was done for movie Marie Antoinette, whimsically juxtaposing modern music in a 200-year-old story, this track could find a home in an Indie Film or Short Film.

Baroque+composer Johann Sebastian Bach contributed the poignant, somber selection Brandenburg 1 – 2nd Mvt to Classical Suite #6.  Pensive oboe joins the strings in this quiet, yet lyrical song, suitable for a Tribute/Memorial piece, or a TV/Film drama with scenes of yearning and loneliness.

Shades of Google birthday celebrations—Edvard Grieg’s Holberg Suites was written in 1884 to commemorate the 200th birthday of Danish-Norwegian humanist and playwright Ludwig Holberg!  Sophisticated Grieg-Holberg Suite – Prelude, also from Classical Suite #6 was actually written in the Baroque style common in Holberg’s lifetime.  Its spirited strains evoke the excitement of the concert crowd waiting for the symphony to start, but would be equally appropriate in an Indie film. 

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Strings show their fun, sneaky side in Delibes Sylvia Pizzicati, tiptoeing tongue-in-cheek through Classical Suite #4.  Elegant and innocent, it will show off all your cute scenes in Home Videos or childrens’ Animation productions.

No discussion of classical strings pieces would be complete without at least one uplifting, energetic burst from Mozart.  Strings and orchestra drive it home with Mozart Symphony #35 – 1st Mvt from Classical Suite #3.  Liven up On-Hold music or a light Animation sequence with this refined, confident gem.

Classical royalty free strings music from SmartSound does justice to one of the most powerful combos in music.  Whether in a sedate chamber group or driving the heart of the orchestra, strings add the glow of exhilarated life to classical music.


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