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Contemporary, youthful and full of life!  Max Brodie’s dynamic royalty free rock and pop tracks create energy and drive audience engagement.

UK based Max Brodie is a fresh, young composer that has crafted dynamic tracks for some of the biggest brands in the world.  With his finger on the pulse of contemporary music, Max has a knack for creating high quality royalty free tracks on the forefront of musical taste and style.

He has crafted numerous best-selling tracks for, representing a variety of popular rock, pop and folk sounds.  Unlike some composers, Max prefers to work with live instruments instead of sampled tracks.  The results are more dynamic and organic tracks that stand out. In this post, we’ll highlight a variety of Max’s best royalty free tracks (below).

He recently went into the studio to record a royalty free modern rock song, “Go Out With a Bang”.  Check out a preview of that recording session:

Composer Spotlight: British Rocker Max Brodie

  • Go Out With A Bang
    By Max Brodie
  • Edgy and energetic, featuring a driving Rock beat and gritty electric guitar that create inspiration and triumph.
  • Make It on My Own (Vocal Version)
    By Max Brodie
  • Bright and optimistic, featuring female lead vocals, light electric guitar and enthusiastic hand claps that speak of promise, warmth and love.
  • Sex, Drugs and Whiskey
    By Max Brodie
  • Heavy and driving, featuring a hard driving drum groove and edgy electric guitar that creates a rebellious mood.
  • Big City Life
    By Max Brodie
  • Bright and fun, featuring driving acoustic guitar strumming, exciting electric guitar lines, and confident, upbeat electronic/live drums that create an energetic party groove.
  • I'm Not Running Away This Time
    By Max Brodie
  • Bright and upbeat, featuring energetic guitar and driving drums that create a triumphant and enthusiastic mood.
  • Release the Dogs
    By Max Brodie
  • Bright and upbeat, featuring energetic guitar and driving drums that create a triumphant and confident mood.
  • Never Feel Lonely
    By Max Brodie
  • Bright and building, featuring banjo, and warm electric piano that creates an enthusiastic and optimistic mood.
  • What We Need
    By Max Brodie
  • Bright and upbeat, featuring pulsing energetic guitar and driving drums that create an enthusiastic and bright mood.
  • Just to Love You
    By Max Brodie
  • Bright and cheerful, featuring bright acoustic guitar, underlying organ and acoustic piano with a bouncy beat that creates a warm and reflective mood.
  • Take My Hand
    By Max Brodie
  • Gentle and heartwarming, featuring warm acoustic guitar and piano, soft rock drums, and tender vocal syllables that build into a powerful, emotional, and uplifting mood.
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