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Corporate communications music has traditionally painted a rosy picture regardless of what’s actually going on.  This can be a good thing, since many “goals” in life take longer than the time frame we first hoped for, but eventually they get to good, or even great.  SmartSound’s Corporate Communications library always leaves room for realism and dreams of better times to come in the company.

Featured Corporate Communications Music

Blue Marble

Earth Works

Sunny Side

Tapping Rain

Leading Indicators

For the company that wants to promote a greener way of operating (conservation, as well as money green!) album Going Green presents 10 tracks of earth-conscious tunes.  Mom Earth has many names, and Blue Marble is a refreshing one.  Add this compelling New Age Ensemble track to commercials for your earth-friendly company, and the company’s video prospectus.

Earth Works is another gentle, earth-friendly venture with piano and light wooden percussion.  Add it to films as well as corporate communications, when the hero/heroine is waking up to a simpler way of life with a lower carbon footprint, after squandering lavishly in earlier scenes.

A nice background piece more reminiscent of traditional corporate communications pieces, Sunny Side from album Bright Side, like other tracks in the album, uses folksy electric and acoustic guitars to keep the motion moving forward.  Changes are gentle from one phrase to the next making the track suitable to Training Videos as well as Nature films.  Listen for a waltz beat.

For additional tracks, check out our blog post on this album for December 30, 2013.  

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Bright Side

The Tapping Rain starts out as a gentle trickle in album Pop Flight’s final track, then moves into a ballad-style melody the builds in a relaxed, uplifting presence to a climax with more energy. 

The more I listen to Leading Indicators from Determined Biz the more I like it.  It’s pulsating and hypnotic, but with enough urban touches to give it a place as mainstream music, not just background.  Deep, breathy percussion with subdued strings give it a serious tone.  Intriguing piano riffs midway through the song show the surprising side of life; a tough, muscle guy who turns out to a staunch cat lover, for example.

If your corporate communications need to convey your company’s modern sensibilities, SmartSound’s collection bristles with possibilities from bold, earthy to heartwarming and soothing.



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