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On-hold music gives your company one more chance to advertise through the medium of music, conveying whatever feel you’d like your customers to be exposed to, while they await your good service.  Confident, upbeat, or offbeat—all can be alluded to with SmartSound’s On Hold specialty tracks.

For the company with Big Ideas, get listeners in the mood to move forward with you with relaxed Rock/Pop Band track from Pop Culture.  Electric guitars star in this expansive piece.  The mood hints at fast forward motion, so this one would be good for the company where hold times won’t be long.

Featured Corporate On Hold Music

Big Ideas

Can Do Attitude


Digital Don Juan

Nice Work

Also from Pop Culture comes a perky venture called Can Do Attitude.  It features a fairly long, quieter intro with light futuristic techno beat, busting out periodically to a fuller sound with string-like accompaniment.  The quirky sound could be used for training sequences as well as On Hold for the company that generally marches to a different drummer.

No ears going to sleep with hard core rock Trailblazer from Chill Down.  The customers definitely don’t be bored, and you’ll get to show how happenin’ you are.  Electric organ/synth makes a guest appearance from the 70’s in this intense track.

From On the Record, pulsing and dancing synths permeate tech-driven corporate offering, Digital Don Juan. Positive, light and active, its hypnotic journey could be put to work for Indie or Short Films, as well as On Hold Music.

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I’m calling the company that uses Nice Work from Almost Unplugged on hold whenever I want a little down-home cheering up.  Acoustic guitar bounces in just enough to keep it cheesy, but harmonica keeps it real.  Spoken Word/Narration tracks will sound ever so much more earthy and upbeat; a story you don’t want to miss.

If your customers would just as soon stay on hold as talk with you, you’ve picked a good On Hold track. If not that, SmartSound’s tracks will at least keep them biased on your direction for your general coolness!



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