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Wow! Have we got you covered?  SmartSound’s Corporate Royalty Free Music selection boasts an astounding 500 corporate/industrial tracks.

You see the latest Red movie, Red 2?  Trust me, you want to, if only to see Helen Mirren say “Show me something,” in one of the final chase scenes.  Well, she’s got a really big revolver in each hand sticking out opposite windows, while another renegade screeches the sports car around in manic circles to blow away maximum bad guys.

Floor Me from Corporate/Industrial tempo workhorse Progress sounds like it belongs in such a bloodthirsty scene, but lucky for your pulse and mine, it’s a much calmer track.  Corporate politics may seem as vicious as the divine Miss M., but naturally, we keep that fact under wraps. Floor Me has its gentle tone, with just a tinge of darkness; use it in a montage scene in television or films, or for commercials.

A happy melody dances through refreshing Pulse Eight from Progress, with piano, synthesizer and acoustic guitar.  Bring your viewers full circle by featuring this hopeful, pulsating track at the beginning and end of your project.  Motivate and uplift with variations like ‘Tricky’ and ‘Sustain.’

Featured Corporate Royalty Free Music

Floor Me

Pulse Eight

Split Level

Hot Rock Massage

Cycles Of The Heart

Another tempo-heavy album of spirited backgrounds, Horizon, features such positive, fun tracks as driving Split Level. This one works well for any upbeat moments in your film, as well as for commercials, and corporate presentations.

For a different relaxed moment, adapt the hypnotic culture of Hot Rock Massage, from Light-Hearted.  Undulating synths, and percussion like you’ve never heard before jazz up this incessant track.  You could build a movie around this song, and you’d always keep your audience guessing—mysterious or ambient?  Intense or atmospheric?  It could spin off a million different ways.

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Looking for a Corporate track off the beaten path?  Groove with Cycles Of The Heart, a pulsating Pop Rock, Indie track from Youthful Discretion.  This electronic-infused track keeps you circling around for more.

Oh, how I wish I could leap into the scene that features slick Sun Hill from from Uplift.  This easy-going number’s ripe for a flash mob; its infectious funky piano groove drives the action, whether for a night-life scene, or a corporate teamwork rah-rah.

Corporate Royalty Free Music never had it so good.  With SmartSound, what could easily be a sugar-coated yawn takes off in any number of directions, from quirky to atmospheric, but always fresh and motivating.  For more options, check the post from August 5, 2013

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