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SmartSound Country/Folk Vocals are a select, but earthy collection, starring primarily Jesse Smith and Blind Optimism, Josh Eagle and the Harvest City, and Brady Harris. 

Featured Country Vocal Music

Big Picture

Long Distance

Bottom of the Bottle

We’re Alt Country (& Yer Not)

Westward Heaven

From the first band, soulful Big Picture drives out a soulful Pop tune about solving life’s colorful mystery, and seeing “the big picture one of these day.”  Indie films and mainstream movies are a good home for this touching and philosophical track. 

Harmonicas make for a bluesy start in Classic Rock number, Long Distance, from Josh Eagle and the Harvest City. Use it Indie films or other venues showcasing the bittersweet life transitions where loved ones are apart for a time period, to seek a fortune, go off to war, or move across the country for economic reasons. 

Indie films, and scenes with a dime-store cowboy tongue-in-cheek ambience get the flavor they need with Brady Harris’ Bottom of the Bottle.  It’s all about the sadness of a Friday night spent alone, while currently in the dog house with the loved one.  The lazy, Southern-style lyrics supply the correct amount of twang to suit the mood. 

From the same album We’re Alt Country (& Yer Not) runs to pure tongue-in-cheek, complete with pedal steel guitar and funny, juvenile lyrics.  They speak with a twang, wear cowboy boots and denim shirts with a horse on the sleeve, and best of all, they learned music skills at the Guitar Institute! Find a spot on a Home Video for this goofy spoof. 

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Grace a leisurely, brooding Indie Film with Westward Heaven also by Brady Harris.  Country elements like pedal steel, and banjo picking keep it southerly, though the vocals clearly express a love affair with the Far West; a good song for a country girl or boy heading to Hollywood. 

Romantic and hopeful, yet with eyes wide open, country vocal music from SmartSound keeps its country roots alive while blending with enough Indie or rock elements to make it applicable to a wider range of video projects.


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