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When your film or video project needs an independent attitude, we’ve got you covered.

The term “indie music” means a lot of things to a lot of people..and it means a lot of things to us too. Indie music toys with emotions. All of them.

Good music should make you feel something and that’s exactly what we have tried to do with this curated playlist. Team any of these royalty free tracks with your project to add another dimension. From frenetic and energetic to happy-go-lucky to thoughtful and introspective, we’ve got what you’re looking for and everything in between. Put on your headphones or turn up those monitors and get ready to feel all the feelings.

[This playlist is curated by Kate Cooper, Performing Rights Coordinator for PremiumBeat]

Indie Gold
Discover some of our favorite royalty free pop and rock tracks with a strong independent spirit.

  • Joe in Love
    By GG Riggs
  • Bright with a heavy Rock groove, featuring electric guitar and shimmering synth textures that create a confident and optimistic mood.
  • Shopping With the Girls
    By Delicate Beats
  • Pulsing and building, featuring underlying gritty synth textures, bright ukulele, cheerful hand claps, and an upbeat Pop groove that creates an anthemic and celebratory mood.
  • Ideas
    By Allegory Music
  • Light and pulsing, featuring shimmering electric guitar and a heavy Pop Rock groove that creates an optimistic mood.
  • The Best I Ever Had (Vocal Version)
    By Colin Fraser
  • Warm and reflective, featuring an emotive piano melody that builds with vocal oohs, a pulsing Pop Rock groove and male lead vocals that creates an inspirational and heartfelt mood.
  • Endless Possibilities
    By Peter McIsaac Music
  • Bright and upbeat, featuring energetic guitar and drums that create a triumphant and confident mood.
  • Moon
    By Allegory Music
  • Light and pulsing, featuring a building Pop Rock groove and bright electric guitar that creates a warm and reflective mood.
  • Winding Roads
    By Gyom
  • Light and bouncy, featuring an Indie Pop feel, acoustic guitar, energetic vocal oohs, light banjo and hand claps that create a celebratory mood.
  • Take My Hand
    By Max Brodie
  • Gentle and heartwarming, featuring warm acoustic guitar and piano, soft rock drums, and tender vocal syllables that build into a powerful, emotional, and uplifting mood.
  • No More Rainy Days
    By Gentle Fire Studio
  • Light and warm, featuring pulsing marimba, smooth synth textures, mandolin and acoustic guitar that creates a dreamy and cheerful mood.
  • Make It on My Own (Vocal Version)
    By Max Brodie
  • Bright and optimistic, featuring female lead vocals, light electric guitar and enthusiastic hand claps that speak of promise, warmth and love.
  • Come On
    By JAM Studio
  • Bright with a 70's Funky feel, featuring smooth male vocals, electric guitar and keyboards that create a hopeful mood.
  • No Mountain High Enough
    By Gyom
  • Pulsing and building, featuring rhythmic percussion, driving drums, enthusiastic vocal oohs and hand claps create an inspirational mood.
  • Gimme Love
    By GG Riggs
  • Bright and warm, featuring a 70's Pop Rock feel, electric guitar, vintage keyboard, satisfying vocal oohs and cheerful hand claps that create a feel-good mood.
  • Smashing
    By Monty Taylor
  • Building and driving, featuring bright synth textures, electric guitar and a heavy Dance Pop groove that creates enthusiasm and confidence.
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