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Movie Logos

Dramatic Logo 1

Heavy Stingers 1

Hits and Swells 3

Exciting Developments

Electronic synthesizer stars in Movie Logos from album Full Spectrum with a shimmering, pulsating punch that lends a futuristic feel to your production.  Variations either build to a climax, start off with a bang and then dissipate, or roll out with a hypnotic repetition.  

Dramatic Logo 1 pulses most ominously in Logos and Stingers with a suspenseful acoustic for your heaviest scenes.  Each of these logos is tense, brooding and relentless, for footage where the suspense is unending.

Stingers are usually 15 seconds in length or less, and they often act as punctuation marks to create a very brief intro, such as for a podcast.  Heavy Stingers 1, also from Logos and Stingers, does what it says it will, offering 13 rock-based stingers, 12 of which are named Heavy!  From Rock/Pop Band, these topic intros let your viewers know there’s raw energy to come.

Drawn-out chords waver and reverberate through Hits and Swells 3 from the same album.  This one’s deeply into percussion, with 18 variations like Toms, Banger, and Swell Clank, rounding out a list of drums logo sequences.

From High Performance lead off your Exciting Developments  with fiery strings, brass, and spirited percussion.  A children’s animated feature would be the perfect home for some of the lighter variations in this track.  Use the more grownup sections for news bulletins, or other high-profile events. 

It’s a strange fact about people; that they have a hard time transitioning to something new, even if that new activity is significantly more enjoyable or entertaining than what they’re already doing at the moment.  SmartSound’s Dramatic Intros, Bumpers, and Stingers help get your viewers’ attention focused on the story you have to tell.

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