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Dramatic Royalty Free Music from Smartsound describes all that life drama itself ranges through from moving, to vivid, to startling, to theatrical. With «serious» its middle name, dramatic music can range from wildly crashing and thunderous, to confrontive, to tender and poignant. Dozens, if not hundreds, of Smartsound albums contain dramatic music — here’s a few that really turn up the intensity.

Rich orchestral album Emotional Depth creates positive, high-drama venues for passions, both personal and political, in your characters’ lives. Expansive Devotion and Honor swells with justifiable pride for stories of allegiance and dedication. Meaningful narratives such as Tributes and Memorials, or inspiring, majestic scenes in Indie films will glow with this uplifting theme.

Featured Dramatic Royalty Free Music

The Start Of Something

A Change In Plans

Cinematic Action 1

Cinematic Action 2

Cinematic Action 3

Though lively and perky, The Start of Something still speaks of drama, and big things to come — cinematic epics on the scale of Gone With the Wind could do worse than open with this emotional track. Oboe and strings tug at your heart in A Change In Plans, a hopeful ballad for moments when your characters are reaching out to each other in tender plea.
Richard Band’s Volume 7 – Scoring Suites features 3 orchestrated suites of themed, dramatic music. In the first, Cinematic Action 1, 2, and 3 you will get the bold, expansive, striving, side of dramatic music, made for robust big-screen action sequences. The stately, noble call to arms, the urgent chase scene, and the epic hour of glory are all there, ready to take your Action-Drama project into the battlefield and beyond. The spice of life for some, and devoutly to be avoided for others, drama is the flip side of the looking on the bright side of life. Serious, intense, brooding, or touching and endearing, Smartsound’s dramatic royalty free music serves it up with intense emotion and myriad nuances. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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