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Everyone knows the scene: You’re driving along a long, open highway with your convertible top down and the wind whipping through your hair. What’s missing? A ripping, roaring rock song track is. It portrays liberation and progress like only the open road can. SmartSound has a large variation of rock songs that are perfect for driving occasions. Here are just a few tunes to get you started in the right direction:

Featured Driving Rock Music

Eighteen Wheels

American Cars

Rock America

Racing in D

Who Rocks Who

Often the symbol of driving the open road is big rigs and the song Eighteen Wheels delivers music that epitomizes that. Like a big semi-tractor trailer coming down the turnpike, this big southern rock cut can really put the pedal down in your project. The apropos named album Heartland Rock delivers acoustic and electric, blue collar rock inspired by the American Heartland — this music is built solid and tough.

Another great heartland track is American Cars which, with its Americana sound, is great for showcasing a cross-country road trip on the interstate. The album, Alternative Energy hosts rockin’ band tracks from Alternative and Indie to Heartland America-a smorgasbord of cool music for a full plate of production. It’s great for documentary, advertising, film and TV scoring, montage, promos and source music.

Similarly, Rock America is a great driving track with a little bit harder sound. This energetic tune is great for any scene where a person needs to be where they need to go quickly. Its parent album, Modern Rock, possesses other similar driving hard rock tracks that are full force with a positive, high-energy sound.

Racing in D is a high-test track with big, harmonized lead guitars. This rock cut can bring the competitive energy your driving project needs. Its album, Alternating Currents shows off sheer electric tracks with its variations of energetic atmospheres that showcase alternative and pop styles, both live and direct.

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For a truly classic sound in your driving scene, there’s no way to go wrong with Who Rocks Who. You won’t get fooled by the sound of this track, with a mix of acoustic and electric guitars with synth backgrounds and melody. Its album, Classic Rock & Roll (PS67) is chocked full of great recordings of bands playing original music in the classic styles of the golden age of rock. It’s classic, driving rock that is cut to the exact length of your scene using SmartSound’s Custom Length feature.


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