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Happiness is a choice; it’s ten percent what happens to us, and ninety percent how we react to it.  Easy Listening Royalty Free Music from SmartSound conveys both the peaceful reassurance of this viewpoint, and also its unconventionality, in the variety and intriguing treatments available through SmartSound’s multi-track albums.

Ideal for scenes of tentative stirrings of romance between those not in their first youth, serene Testing the Waters from Ambient Drama weaves choral, harp, and orchestral elements over an ever-present deep atmospheric undertone.  Its ethereal quality in a New Age mode reflects the quiet, cautious stance of lovers who’ve learned by experience to take it slow. 

Enchanting variations such as ripple, hover, and starlight invite viewers to take one more chance on love along with the on-screen heroes.

Featured Easy Listening Royalty Free Music

Testing The Waters

Majestic Nature

Lightly Flowing Along

Fresh Aspirations

A Beautiful Day

Several easy listening pieces are available from album Craig Stuart Garfinkle Vol 1 — Emotive & Dramatic.  Heartwarming, inspiring Majestic Nature stands out, building from a light treatment to a triumphant, spirited track.  Perfect to convey the transformation from chrysalis to butterfly, for example, in a nature film, it is as easily appropriate for building the joyous mood for a wedding ceremony.  Acoustic guitar stars in this beautiful TV/Film Drama, Ballad style cut.

For a surprisingly lively version of Easy-Listening, be sure to check out Lightly Flowing Along from Funky Country.  Varied electric guitar and bass spice up this carefree background.

Album Heartfelt features a strong strings presence with intriguing synth and percussion elements in striving, hopeful Fresh Aspirations, an Indie-style Ballad.

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Sometimes you just want your audience to relax, as covered in the July 17, 2013 post, Royalty Free Elevator Music; not everyone loves riding in a tiny room in close quarters with strangers.  Easy listening music smoothes the way.

Calming orchestral strains of A Beautiful Day from Will to Succeed is such a tranquil track.  Combining piano and oboe duet with strings and acoustic guitar, this song keeps it light for a short, successful ride to the 20th floor, or a long, successful journey represented in Corporate/Industrial footage.

Easy listening royalty free music finds a home across many production venues, conveying moods from outdoorsy to poignant, from soothing to emotional.  Count on SmartSound to deliver the serenity and magical quality of Easy-Listening/New Age for your gentle, reflective scenes, inner and outer landscapes.

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