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Lyrics add layers of complexity to many scenes and often times edgy vocal music adds the pop that a scene lacks.

Pinkle, Volume 1 features musician/singer/songwriter Pinkle, an artist leading the new wave of independent artists. Lyrics that resonate with listeners are packed with words of love, misery, hope, failure, encouragement and more. Give a listen to the entire album after checking out the edgy vocal music in Fractals and Girl Next Door, both pure Indie Rock songs with punchy, quirky, edgy vocals designed to enrich emotion-packed scenes as guitars riff a fast-paced electronica tune.

Featured Edgy Vocal Royalty Free Music


Winters Dream

Paper Stars

Breaking the Silence


Sweeping LyricsThe album Josh Eagle and the Harvest City contains a plethora of edgy vocal music beginning with Winter’s Dream, a melodramatic rock tune with sweeping guitars and steady drums beating out a touching, hopeful, sentimental tune. Paper Stars is a carefree, lively track with compelling vocals that speak to a passionate, hard-working audience. Josh Eagle’s raspy, honest lyrics capture the essence of love lost and found in Silver Locket and indescribable promises of movement enliven this track.

The band Steep, from Germany, composed a 10-selection set of Indie Pop tunes, on their album Steep, with strong vocal leads in Breaking the Silence; belted out with hope and promise and driven by powerful drums, percussion, electric guitar and bass to a furious peak. Egomaniac on Steep rocks out of the gate with a hard-edged Indie track and heartfelt, meaningful lyrics extolling listeners to keep their word, free their heart and soul and live like you don’t have to think.

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Customize with SmartSoundWords add what a camera won’t as they lace productions with lyrics to specifically fit a scene, film trailer, commercial, biographical sketch, travel or memorial video. Whatever your need, SmartSound has you covered with our huge collection of royalty free background music tracks. Spin a few of the tunes mentioned here and you’re sure to get some ideas for what music will complement your project perfectly.

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