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Stephen King knows his horror films wouldn’t achieve the desired effect if Pharrell’s Happy song was the background track. Eerie background music tracks are critical for instilling a sense of fear, tension and intrigue in scenes. So, think like the King and choose one of the unique selections from SmartSound’s many Eerie Film Trailer Music albums.

Featured Eerie Film Trailer Music

Journey to the Golden Ark

Positive Impulse

Velvet Sunshine

Unfortunate Encounter

Tormented Heroes

Definitely consider a clip from Journey to the Golden Ark from the album Amotz Plessner & Friends, volume 1—Epic Drama. Journey to the Golden Ark is a vividly lush orchestral creation featuring eerie noir undertones and instilling a mysterious sense of foreboding. It’s a one-of-a-kind track with a somber edginess belying danger and intrigue.

Positive Impulse from the album Light Hearted creates a pulsating, suspenseful and eerie background track with a driving electric guitar and hypnotic keys. In fact, the album Light Hearted features 10 fantastic tracks, including Velvet Sunshine, a silky smooth production with an eerie and pulsating but cool and sultry beat. Velvet Sunshine, like all SmartSound tracks can be customized to the length of your scene and this track delivers a high-quality, sultry tempo with its ambient blend of mellow and mysterious instrumentals.

Unique Eerie Film Trailer Music

Unfortunate Encounter from the album Intrigue & Tension is a suspenseful, cinematic track embracing a pulsating tune to create tension and intrigue by featuring mellow synthesizers and melodic guitars. Choose from 13 mixes with Unfortunate Encounter—an ideal track for TV, a dramatic film scene or any production benefiting from a brooding, eerie and uncertain sense of drama.

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If you’ve got a wildly suspenseful scene requiring the ultimate in Eerie Film Trailer Music then be sure to listen to the haunting and hypnotic background track Tormented Heroes from the album Cinematic Exploration. Horrors and suspense are wrapped around a desolate and ominous instrumental track pulsing with haunting danger and incessant drama while instilling a sense of a thrilling nightmarish pursuit. Tormented Heroes is a grand track for a scene in need of an edge-of-the-seat experience as it delivers an eerie and suspense-filled background track.

No fantasy, dark or noir drama is complete without Eerie Film Trailer Music. SmartSound’s selection of royalty-free, customizable Eerie Film Trailer Music will complete your project whether it requires the simplicity of melodic strings or ominous and fearful war drums.

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