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Snap, crackle, pop—that’s the sound of Effervescent Music! Check out the album GFGF—with its fantastic collection of music inspired by great food and great friends. Fun Ride is a powerful, refreshing and triumphant song with bluesy effects driven by electric guitar and a high-energy organ and piano.

Featured Effervescent Music

Fun Ride

Challenging Puzzle

Booming Town

Unchallenged Victory

Rooftop Party

Orchestral Comedy The album Orchestral Comedy offers several effervescent tracks that are all driving, energetic and inspiring tunes. Challenging Puzzle offers lovely honeyed strings and a rolling trombone to this thrilling, wacky and whimsical track. It’s an exciting, happy, tongue-in-cheek composition ideal for hopeful, gentle or quirky scenes. Booming Town is another positive, competitive inspiring and motivating piece as it adds a hypnotic, heartwarming and fresh feel to the track. Whimsical bells, whistles and strings create a magical and inspiring tone. Shopping Frenzy is another fun tune that’s an exuberant, innocent but motivating track ideal for kids, animation, comedy or video games. It’s a positive, effervescent and whimsical soundtrack with clarinet, a snappy Xylophone and booming percussion. Undercover Operation adds the thrill of a secret agent to the party with this lively, quirky track that’s fresh, goofy and a little bit crazy.

Get HappyUnchallenged Victory on the Updraft album offers many moods: lively, happy, confident, inspired, motivated. The pop rock band blends electric guitar with the thrills of a ukulele for a thrilling, triumphant and inspirational track. It’s a fun tune for an outdoor adventure, alternative rock composition or even a corporate video with its inspiring, lively theme. Contemporary Pop Beds offers the singularly happy dance track Rooftop Party—with a rhythmical clap pattern that lends a carefree beat to this bouncy track. Rooftop Party is an effervescent, fresh, festive and lively track you’ll love for your nature, comedy, and product video or indie film.

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