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What violins are to orchestral music, electric guitar is to rock and pop; SmartSound’s selections of Electric Guitar Royalty Free Rock Music number in the 100’s.  From faithful underpinnings of rhythm and melody, to taking the lead with energy and emotion, the versatility of electric guitar in adding the right up-to-minute feel for your video production is unparalleled.

Featured Electric Guitar Royalty Free Rock Music

How Can I Say Goodbye

All The Time

Below The Radar

Don’t Wait For Me

Generation Gap



Jesse Ray Smith, whose new album, Jesse Smith and Blind Optimism was profiled on February 21, 2014, wails out a sad and mournful tune, How Can I Say Goodbye using RockPop Band, Piano and electric guitar to tell the tale.  “I look into your eyes, but the words won’t come…”  Guitar chords shore up the sadness—the grief is raw, but the lyrics indicate a glimmer of acceptance that it’s one of those things in life.  “Thought we had a lifetime on, but time had something else in mind.”


Switch gears entirely with good-times rocker track Generation Gap from album Indie-Pop.  Here the guitar leads the show with energetic, lively melody and flesh on that song’s bones.  Vocal highlights later in the track keep it simple (“Na, na na…”), but ever so cheerful, like a teeny-boppers beach party spontaneously breaking out into flash mob.


Sixteen Candles gone 21st century? Check out Lost Again from Indie-Pop, a song for TV/Film Drama – angst among the cool heads.  Sometimes our tender souls just can’t believe good fortune is ours, despite repeated evidence, and this song evokes that mood, perking up, then subsiding again.  It’s brooding and reflective, a perfect backdrop for the repetitive moody emotions of teens and other human beings. 

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Electric Guitars and drums Bring It Home with a driving track from Indie Band 01.  Commercials and Indie Films benefit from the feel-good rock experience of this upbeat track.  It has the variety to back-up a montage of positive scenes on a road trip or family and friends gathered together.  Variations like Road Ahead, Gear Up and Cruise make it clear!


From Indie Band 02, hard-driving Alternative Rock track Here Goes highlights what electric guitar is really known for, high-energy and intensity.  The chords explode out like ammunition for exuberant footage with an edge.


Use the Smartsound Advantage and the incredible adaptability of electric guitars to back up your contemporary video productions.  Electric Guitar Royalty Free Rock Music from SmartSound conveys every modern mood, from the depths of boredom and despair to the heights of happiness and unshakeable confidence.





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