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Your character is lost in a futuristic city, surrounded by the corruption of an evil government. You’re going to need an epic soundtrack, to go along with your heroism in this futuristic city. Luckily SmartSound offers high end royalty free electronic video game tracks to fit the cyberpunk vibe you are trying to obtain. You head towards what used to be the city’s club scene, and get caught up in an event. In the background there’s a nostalgic but vibrant track, Serious Lounge. It’s album, Hypnotic Vibe, gives your characters that 80’s-90’s style of hypnotic vocals, that can easily be placed in an intense encounter, or a small stroll through the city. Another track on that album, Level Five brings a smooth Polyphonic rhythm, that sets up the mood for meeting with important characters. The simple tone of this track could also be included in safe zones for players, always giving them a feeling that everything will be alright. So you have a great start to an action packed game, and now your protagonist needs to face a boss. What better track to put it to then Champions Rock You, from the album Dubstep. The slow progression at the beginning of this track quickly shifts into to an epic dubstep showdown. Its high end beats mixed with hard electronic sync, delivers a great combination for what is needed to create that ultimate fight scene. Now there comes a time when all cyberpunk protagonist come to the underground enemy base, and Fossil Evidence provides that suspenseful ambiance. It’s album Ambient Drama, gives video game designers an arsenal of slow, but sinister ambient music to choose from. One of its more menacing but calm tracks is Deserted City. The eerie percussion gives this track a good opportunity to include the “calm before the storm” aspect to your video game. Whatever type of video game you are producing, SmartSound has the royalty free Electronic Video Game Music you need. You can also find articles about other genres and moods for Video Game Music here. SmartSound – The Only Customizable Royalty Free Music Library.

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