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Emotional Royalty Free Music can be heartwarming, reflective, or romantic, though it tends to focus more on the more tender side of romantic, in SmartSound’s collection. 

Featured Emotional Royalty Free Music

Rain Over Paris

Leaving Home

A Tender Melody

Infinite Love

Bonnie Green

Versatile Rain Over Paris is at home in not only Commercials, but also Suspense projects or Indie Films where the final resolution is still up in the air.  Musically, this poignant tune from Ultra Pop relies on the latest in electronica sound effects, and more traditional orchestral elements in tandem.  Driving percussion weighs in with March/Patriot ambience as well.

As melancholy as its title, Leaving Home from album Sunday Matinee focuses on the bittersweet aspects of parting from the home place.  Quiet piano overlays the orchestral in a track that is all emotional ballad.  A short trill of flute intervenes at the ¾ mark – a smile in the midst of the tears.

Strong, pensive clarinet sets the scene for thought-provoking projects such as Tribute/Memorial, Wedding, or Spoken Word/Narration scenes in A Tender Melody from Tender Moments.  Strings and flute feature as well, bringing in angelic highlights. 

From the same album, touching Infinite Love brings out the emotion of seriousness in declaring this type of love; its dramatic strains are suitable for religious projects as well as biography and cinematic outlets for love of all kinds, not just romantic.

There are few things more emotional in life than remembering that which will never come this way again.  The Celts were the pre-Roman natives living in Great Britain, western France (Brittany) and possibly even Portugal.  What remains of them now if mainly languages such as Gaelic and Irish.  Thus album Celtic Adventures is already cast in a nostalgic light, and acoustic, Irish Bonnie Green shines with echoes of the past.  Ethnic Ensemble and Low Whistle are featured in this dreamy track, along with a brief cameo of bagpipes.

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