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Energetic Instrumentals go beyond featuring guitar, piano, percussion and offer up trumpets, horns, trombones, flute, clarinet, piccolo, oboe, tube and more. The music is vital and sprightly, sometimes funny and comical, but always uplifting with a somewhat spontaneous feeling. Energetic music lends power to scenes; it brings action, hope and drama and it’s fun to listen to!

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Great Strides


Rev Up

Booming Town

Challenging Puzzle


The album Thrive opens with the carefree, pulsating and punchy tune Great Strides. It’s a hopeful and refreshing song driven by a pop rock feel with electric bass, and acoustic and electric guitar. It soars with piano and strings for an overall inspiring and motivating track. It’s a nice catchy tune, whether you need 15 seconds or a loop of the track. Thrive has 10 great tracks, including Limitless and Rev Up—both are geared for an energetic, exciting and positive backdrop needing a competitive, and confident sound. Limitless uses gentle chimes and bells with driving strings and piano for an exciting, inspirational track while Rev Up features driving guitar chords and synths for a bold and fierce beat that soars forward with brass, energetic drums and a fun synth. Listen to We Are Together and Will to succeed for more energetic instrumental music on the Thrive album.

Energetic FunOrchestral Comedy is another winning album with a host of Energetic instrumental music. Booming Town is ideal for an animated or kid’s production with its exciting, magical and heartwarming beat driven by punchy, syncopated strings, lilting clarinets and flutes and a dancing oboe; it’s a masterpiece of orchestral instrumentation. Challenging Puzzle offers a waltzing theme with an uplifting, comical and striving feel. A thrilling violin leads fresh and inspiring instruments to create a wacky, whimsical and quirky track.

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