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SmartSound’s extensive list of Energetic Rock Music will pump up the energy on your videos, games and movies, drawing your audience into the excitement and energy you want to build up — whether for critical moments or to set the tone for an entire scene.

Featured Energetic Rock Music

Make the Switch

Below The Radar

Sweet Snarl

Where I live

Worthy Adversary

Check out Make the Switch from the album Case Closed for that tense moment — the drama rises while the ominous beat continues. As your sneaky agent infiltrates the enemy compound the simple, heart-pounding instrumental combination of strings and keyboard heighten the suspense of the moment.

Or, the exciting synth and electric guitar in the pop rock beats of Below The Radar from the album Indie-Pop perfectly match the tone of a road trip in your game or video. The motivating and upbeat tempo, pulls your audience in as the road twists and turns towards your next scene.

The next time you need an intense, rockin’ instrumental for your indie film to perfectly frame a triumphant, powerful moment, you can’t beat the beats of Sweet Snarl from the album Alternative Maximum. It’s ideal hard rock for extreme sports footage, carrying you up and over the top onward to eventual triumph.

Maybe your indie or short film needs a positive and motivating background track for an outdoorsy scene? Where I Live off of Coffee House Rules neatly blends a country/folk energy with the lively, motivating pulse of indie rock, in a fast-paced instrumental, sure to spark up your project and make the audience smile.

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Meanwhile the sinister ebb and flow of orchestral rock permeates Worthy Adversary, powerful and dramatic, from the album Amotz Plessner & Friends Vol 4 — Massive Action & Trailer. Starting slow and thumping, building to a frenetic crescendo that maintains its stark, even brooding vibe even as the energy rises at the end of this heavy duty action piece.

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