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Epic Action-Drama – you know you love it. Intense orchestral tracks just beg to be released at that pivotal, story-defining moment in video games and movies alike, bringing the audience to the edge of their seats as effectively as any dialog could. With SmartSound’s award-winning technology and thousands of royalty-free music tracks, designers and videographers will have no problem finding just the right epic track for action-drama scenes.

Featured Epic Action Drama Music


A Soldier’s Fate

Epic Fantasy

The bold orchestral track, Invasion, from the album Amotz Plessner & Friends Vol 1, delivers a soaring choir/instrumental background track perfect for battle scenes (or Boss Fights), especially with the Strike variant – you have to hear it to believe it. It starts strong and rises as it goes, reaching a furious crescendo at the end.

A Soldier’s Fate, from the same album, goes in an entirely different direction. Soaring vocals give this epic piece a timeless, mystical feel that is perfect for any Fantasy-themed scene. With the Conflict variant, you can keep the same beat and theme but amp up the drama – it shifts 180 degrees from a soulful climax to an ominous portent of conflict to come. 

For a TV drama or double-cross scenes, consider the deeply brooding instrumental, Epic Fantasy from the album Beauty & Strength. The ominous intensity of this track is ideally suited for scenes of villains plotting, then morphs into a rising wave of epic fantasy hope and rebirth – unless, of course, you use the Dark variant, in which case all bets are off for your heroes.


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