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SmartSound Epic Orchestral Royalty Free Music has to cover a lot of ground.  Not only does it need to be there to infuse your behind-the-scenes scenes with the required quiet sinister suspense, but also back up the most lavish over-the-top hundreds-of-extras battle scenes and spaceship/astroidal collisions.  For other stories it much switch gears completely to back up the bold and triumphant in epic stories.

Featured Epic Orchestral Royalty Free Music

Dangerous Transaction

Dawn of Doom


Braving The Elements

Heroic Overture

From Intrigue and Tension pulsating Dangerous Transactions carries out the first assignment, with driving horns, strings, and electronic synths to ebb and flow with the dark communications in spy versus spy.  The abandoned warehouse, and creaking dockyard come to life for TV/Film Drama and other scary projects.

Need a track that crosses the threshold from ominous to energetic and exciting multiple times?  The orchestra that produced intense Heroic Overture, from Beauty and Strength, gave us an astonishing variety of epic orchestral cues, both positive and negative.  Frenzied passages suddenly break out into all the sunny sweetness a tender violin can produce.  Great for an animated children’s adventure.

The storm troopers are advancing, in edgy, acoustic soundtrack from Amotz Plessner & Friend Volume 4 – Massive Action.  Rock and orchestral drama fuse together for heavy action in Hard Rain.   The competitive tone is both acoustic and powerful, indicating the force won’t be denied.

From the same album, punchy Invitation to Mayhem sets the scene with a dark, percussive march to terror and oblivion.  Use this brooding trailer music for projects of heavy intensity.  Its ominous notes and will have your audiences thirsty for the thrilling action to come.

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For the celebratory lead-off required in all but the darkest of epic productions check out Olympic Arrival from album Epic and Fanfare.  Triumphant and processional, this bold track demonstrates all that is uplifting about heroic human striving. 

Epic Orchestral royalty free music finds a perfect home in the contributions by Smartsound’s orchestras.  Whether relentlessly dark and haunting, or fierce and upbeat, orchestral music is unsurpassed in conveying the size and power of epic adventure.

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