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Epic Background Music is generally heroic, majestic, and spectacular and often narrates remarkable achievements or events that are impressively great in nature. Daring and valiant feats are accomplished with sweeping strings and thunderous percussion perfectly placed within an epic score. Epic adventures are often ripe with tall tales of legendary heroes and a production scored with Epic Background Music ensures a dramatic and grand entrance for worthy scenes.

Featured Epic Royalty Free Music

Positive Energy






Power Play ReleaseThe album Power Play is the high-energy collection to go to for Epic Background Music with its excellent sections ranging from majestic and triumphant tracks that swell with grand deeds to fierce and futuristic tracks that carry the viewer away. Positive Energy is a remarkable track with a driving, energetic and inspirational beat that’s bold and confident as inspiration oozes from the electric bass and pounding drums. Positive Energy is a fantastic epic soundtrack with an uplifting, hopeful beat carried by electric guitars and shining strings that propel this production forward. Another shiner on the album is the track Revelation which will amp up your moviegoer or gamer with its pop rock, powerful feel. Revelation is energetic, inspirational and heartwarming thanks to the heroic layering of electronic bass, strings and piano.

Cybershark from the album Massive Edge OrchestralMassive Edge Orchestral is another excellent option for Epic Background Music tracks. We’re calling out a few tracks here but check out the entire album for a number of stellar options. Cybershark is bold and futuristic with its fiercely dramatic instrumentals rolling quickly along as though racing to the future. Heavy electronic keyboards and drums add to the hypnotic suspense.

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More MEOElec-Tron is an epic action-drama soundtrack that opens with a huge bang and moves with bold and intense action made fierce by a pulsating dub-synth. Elec-tron is the ideal Epic Background Music for films, videos, games, sports, heavy metal as it pounds through to a fierce finish with a bold studio orchestra, grand strings and a pounding synthesizer. Not to be outdone is Expunction with extreme, screaming electronics that create a bold, exciting, powerful production with epic qualities that herald a hero’s conquest, a heroine’s desire, a mystical future.

Options galore exist for Epic Background Music in SmartSound’s massive royalty free background music library for productions of all types and lengths. SmartSound’s royalty free epic background music provides majesty and inspiration to enhance all scenes.

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