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2. Whether music or production elements like swells, Eric uses Sonicfire Pro’s Variation, Mood and Mix controls to create the variations on his themes.


3. Once they’re in Premiere, the mini-library of themes and variations are always at hand and something will pretty much always work with any edit he needs to do.

Tip from Eric: Create your own woosh-pack using the hits and swells included from SonicFire Pro. Render them out as a single file and import them into your master project. Easily mark in and out the sound you are looking for and make your transitions pop.


4. Sometimes Eric will further tweak the sound with some of Premiere’s audio controls. «However,» he says, “the real work is done in Sonicfire Pro, that’s where the real variety is created. I’ve tried this with regular libraries using the audio controls from Premiere, but I just don’t have the control over the musical elements and components that I do with Sonicfire Pro, this just doesn’t work with regular library music.»


Eric enjoys benchmarking with likeminded individuals who are creating media elements in a learning environment to better understand what’s trending and how to stay relevant in this rapidly changing video environment. Contact him at:

Editors Note: Eric’s unique mini-library approach would also work beautifully with Sonicfire Pro’s Final Cut Pro X plug-in and our Sony Vegas Pro plug-in.

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