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Looking for Vocal Excitement? Trek right over to the track When you Run From Me for some exciting vocal music from the incredible Nova Page and 21AD whose indie-pop songs let projects soar with their infectious and dramatic punch. Nova Page’s vocal lyrics have been heard as jingles, in commercials and marketing campaigns. Check out the entire album but be sure to give a quick listen to When you Run From Me for a stellar indie cut that’s driving and energetic with emotional vocals and pulsating electronics.

Featured Exciting Vocal Music

When You Run From Me

Zulu Tribal Dance

Ultimate Challenge


Find That Girl


It takes a VillagePowerfully intense visuals might need Zulu Tribal Dance from the album Global Voyage which boasts 19 tracks of world music. Zulu Tribal Dance erupts into action with a lively, spirited and exuberant ethnic ensemble that rocks the percussion and world beat vocals carry your visuals with shrill whistles, percussive chants and wild cheers. Hop to the opposite end of the spectrum with the album Project Millennium and it’s sci-fi Ultimate Challenge that’s futuristic and striving with subtle vocals. Crazy and wild can be perfect, while confident and positive music can also be ideal as Ultimate Challenge proves with its cool, uplifting vibe and light vocals.

Ska WhopReview the fascinating ska-punk album The Skank Agents and tune into some fast-paced tunes like Clouds-SA with horns, pounding drums and some sweet sax and trumpet. Clouds-SA is all fast, heavy, rockin’ music that drives scenes home. The Skank Agents also features Find That Girl, another upbeat pop-ska-reggae song with a railin’ brass section, electrifying sax and a singing electric guitar. Some scenes just need exciting intensity and Find That Girl delivers big drama, as does Ska Whop. Really, check it out; you might not know it but Ska Whop features classic vocal harmonies you will love because they’re cool, bold and fresh and make you wanna’ dance.

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