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The album Dubstep is a great source of experimental music with hits like Dark Mother Dub whose monster beat and ominous heavy metal electronica tricks rock a dark, pulsating syncopated score that’s wild and frightening. Also check out Into the Mainline with a perky, quirky groove and razor sharp synth jabs that bring a futuristic fierceness to this track. Sometimes you’ve just got to have hypnotic, sinister, mysterious or even abstract music and you’ll find it on the Dubstep album.

Dreamy WhispersLighten the mood with Below the Radar SS on the album Eclectic Beats. It sneaks up on you with a slightly off-beat, syncopated drive that’s hypnotic, pulsating and sinister. The album Dreams & Whispers has a variety of experimental background music you’ll want to check out. Score with Binary Tides—ideal for an eerie background as it combines electronic effects to create a unique overlay of rhythm, effects and ambient sounds. Consider Binary Tides for an indie or short film, science, trance or dance production. Also check out Cycles which pops out of the gate with an erratic percussive beat which will lend an ambient, atmospheric and mellow air to any scene.

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