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Enthusiasm SquaredUnrestrained enthusiasm; that’s what exuberant music is all about. People love it because it’s joyful, jubilant and energetic; it lifts our spirits, makes us want to dance and allows us to forget about everything while we kick up our heels. Exuberant music is cheerful, lighthearted, high-spirited and enjoyed for its often vigorously animated compositions.

Featured Exuberant Royalty Free Music

In Zydeco we Trust

On the Way

Party Over Here

Sneaky Affair

Victory Lap

Groovin’ MusicIn Zydeco we Trust is the track to choose if you’re in need of a foot-stomping track featuring accordion, rubboard and some wild strings. This tune features rhythm and blues-based accordion grooves and it’s lively, powerful and refreshing thanks to a country band reminiscent of the The Creole Cowboys’ rhythmic, rich melodies. In Zydeco We Trust was just released on Contemporary Pop Beds and it’s driving, energetic and exuberant, and will inspire your listeners toward movement. Also consider On the Way with its fast, crisp, clean electric guitars that open this fresh, punchy number which evolves into an exuberant and exciting track with a positive vibe.

Get your Party OnParty Over Here on the album Kool Kitsch marries soul and gospel influences with this happy, confident and uplifting track. It’s exuberant and lively and kicks the mood up with a fun and festive pop rock band. Sneaky Affair on Power Play opens with a funky, funny and wacky sounding beat that drives a refreshing and quirky tempo comically along.

Victory Lap from the album Open Road is another fun, uplifting track that’s driving, edgy and exuberant with a raw, refreshing and striving tempo. Full Throttle on Black & Blue offers a hard-driving, fast-paced track that’s powerful, punchy and bluesy with upbeat instrumentals, power guitars and relentless drumming. The same album sports Rockarama, a driving, pulsating, energetic track with striving electric guitars and a fast, festive tempo.

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Exuberant music will light up your scenes as it kicks the entertainment meter up a few notches. Revel in royalty free background music from the enormous SmartSound library. Customize our music your way with our award-winning patented music technology. SmartSound—The Only Customizable Royalty Free Music Library.

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