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In the mood for some Fantasy Music? SmartSound has the high-quality, award-winning music you need. With our original, customizable and royalty-free music tracks, your project will be unique every time.

Featured Fantasy Video Game Music

Conquest 1066

Journey to the Golden Ark

Ancient Prophecies

Bold Crusade

Gods and Demons

Pop over for a listen to Conquest 1066 from the album Amotz Plessner & Friends, vol. 1. This epic orchestral drama is an awe-inspiring march through majestic backdrops leading to an energetic, expansive and triumphant apex. Brassy trumpets, thundering drums and punchy passages drive dramatic rhythms to an emotional climax. It lends itself to cinematic products with inspiriting and thriving themes.

Journey to the Golden Ark with Amotz Plessner & Friends, vol. 1. Big screen adventures lure the audience in with the many moods it evokes as does this dark and instrumental drama. Rich and foreboding acoustics are ripe with mysterious, somber and eerie sounds as they weave through a myriad of orchestral movements.

Ancient Prophecies from the album Theatrical Impact bring extremely intense percussion and hypnotic vocals to an epic fantasy video game or to the big screen. Its bold and brooding overtones are reminiscent of mystical and mysterious secrets of old. The powerful and expansive march throughout this epic production is the ideal track for a dramatic and ominous creation.

If you’re already listening to Theatrical Impact, skip over to Bold Crusade and give this ominous but uplifting track a shot at the big time. With heavenly voices and vast symphonic strings, Bold Crusade has everything your action project requires. Waves of processional drums move this track forward as it conquers the themes of confict and challenges.

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Gods and Demons from the album Theatrical Impact is a driving, mysterious and bold drama launching the listener to new heights as it tells the classic tale of good versus evil. Ominous and punchy vocals complement the powerful orchestra as it travels from moody to modern with its brooding and dramatic chase scenes this gripping recording is ideal for dramatic and powerful projects.

Call it 15 seconds and you’re done or customize your own tracks. Keep everything in or dial up the percussion and vocals to match your project needs while dialing down the strings. It’s your call, your project and with SmartSound—the only customizable royalty-free music, your project will shine every time.

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