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SmartSound Fun Royalty Free Music doesn’t stint on the interpretations of what’s fun; here a goofy kid’s circus track, there a punk visit to modern lounge electronica, then a trip down memory lane in a boat of a convertible. 

Like something out of a John Hughes film Elektrik Skyline pulses with Electronic life, setting up the club for sleek, shiny fun in Daft Punk style.  A deep electronic base anchors the track in a futuristic kind of home; one of the variations is called ‘Robot Love,’ another ‘Electro Punk.’  Put this danceable track to work for Commercials and Home Videos. 

Featured Fun Royalty Free Music

Elektrik Skyline

Honey Dip

Perfectly Well

Happy Moods

Ska Wop

Honey Dip slides around in the back seat with the top down, in an infectious easy-going romp from Bright Side.  Hop in, we brought along the lap steel guitar; we can all take turns. Road trips or family fun without sap are good places to trot out this driving country band theme.

Innocent Fun Times tune Perfectly Well rollicks with light, relaxed pleasure.  In the perfect world of Commercials, not even a mild sunburn or bug bite will mar the joyful, sunny day rife with happy children and leisurely adults.  Angelic moments in Indie Films are also good places to edge this one in.

A Breath of Fresh Air presents a smorgasboard of fun kids’ tracks, Happy Moods, in true medley style.  You get a small sample of everything from staggering clown to tiptoeing family dog to a glorious sunburst of possibilities.  Great for Animation, Video Games or Film Trailer.

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From The Skank Agents, Ska Wop also catalogues all the permutations of doo-wop meeting punk rock and ska.  Saxophone and brass alternative with heavy-strumming electric guitar and reggae elements.  For a minute there you’re gonna think Joe Satriani stopped by for a cameo. 

Now THAT’S what I call fun!

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