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Jazz and funky sport a natural synergy, like bread and balsamic.  SmartSound’s vast collection of Funky Royalty Free Jazz Music brings you what you need in all that’s smooth, sparky, and leisurely. 

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Hour Glass

And Us Too


Da Vibe

Montgomery Street

Check out earlier suggestions in a post from June 4, 2013, when Funky Royalty Free Music was the topic.

Singing saxophone and cool piano strike up a slick collaboration in Stephan Sechi’s Da Vibe from Acid Jazz Vol. 2.  Bring this hip hop background in for infusing club scenes or pretend tough guy acts with the required funky foundation.  Smooth vocals add to the groove.

From album Nu Jazz, a relaxed Latin jazz topic gets aired on Montgomery Street via Jazz Combo and Guitar.  Use this straight ahead, bluesy jazz sound for lightening up leisurely sunset scenes.  Percussion and piano add funky Indie lushness.

Lounge around the crib and take the edge off a long day with Hello Nighttime, an Urban Jazz cut from Eclectic Lounge. Bluesy vocal accents and strings join sultry tenor sax highlights, adding to the eccentric mix. Shuffle, Drifter, Breathy, and Jet Lag are some of the 9 variations on cool acid jazz for this delightful track.

For a cool, hypnotic beat call on Factor It In from Funkatronic.  Muted horns and electronic stylings add to the slammin’ downtempo ambience.  Work for a progressive corporation?  This might be the ticket for corporate videos that strive for an offbeat note.

We really got a kick out of fresh On the Smooth Side from Spring Cleaning.  This perky, upbeat background makes for an easy going-choice in Corporate/Industrial footage, flavoring the Jazz with uptempo yet relaxed groove. 


Cool and classy sums up Funky Royalty Free Jazz Music from SmartSound.  Also refreshing, upbeat, and offbeat, with just enough urban style to add a splash of sophistication to your jazzy and laid-back project scores.

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