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Funky Royalty Free Musicis all about the beat and groove, with the accent on danceable smooth. It de-emphasizes melody and harmony, with bass and drums predominating, and electric instruments thrown in. James Brown is called the father of funk; when he originated the style in the late 1960’s he took elements of jazz, soul and R&B, and streamlined them to create the funky sound that’s still just right for any scene needing a cool boost.

Featured Funky Royalty Free Music


Hour Glass

River Runs Deep

Funk Jam

My Oh My


Check out Smartsound’s Slam Funk, for the gamut of what funk is about. Friend or Funk, billed as funk for the new millennium jams R&B Band with Organ breakdown to punch up Product Videos and On Hold music. This pulsating track is slick and edgy. Pump up action and chase scenes with Funk Proof—driving guitars and piping hot organ give the track a punchy Motown vibe. 

Cool down the scene with funky Groove Digger, a soulful, relaxed track that brings back the 70’s with vintage wah-wah guitar. Deep ‘oh-yeah’ vocals back up smoky clavinet and ‘waka-chika’ guitar in Mmm Hmm Oh Yeah, the best of tongue-in-cheek funky strut. Picture two cops on a beat, sideburns and all.
Bring back the wah-wah guitar for Funk City, from the Groovin’/Soulful/Funk album. Brass section, especially wailing tenor sax, rule the hood in this lively track. We also like the sophisticated harmonies of Just One Night, a confident, slammin background that provides a funky foundation for On Hold Music and Product Videos. Retro projects get No Disrespect with this soulful throwback to the 70’s private eye shows. It pairs Electric Guitar with R&B Bank for a Classic Rock sound that makes you wonder if Shaft is just around the next corner. The heart of African soul music has spun off in many directions, and Funky Royalty Free Music brings the retro groove that is funk to your video excitement with a sound both updated and full of fun! SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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