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Fear of the future gets concentrated and distilled in futuristic movies—they always seem apocalyptic—why is that?—and SmartSound Futuristic Royalty Free Music delivers the goods for electronic scariness and power.  

Featured Futuristic Royalty Free Music


Analog Dance


Champions Rock You

A New Dub Message

In the way that most all trailers amp up the drama of any coming attraction, Cybershark from Massive Edge Orchestral pulls out all the stops in the Studio Orchestra and Synthesizer’s repertoire to paint a fierce, extreme picture of the future.  Video Games are another venue for the intense chaotic stylings of this track.

Commercials that march to a different drummer could do worse than call on Ultra Pop’s Analog Dance.  This concentrated track has something for everyone, from future rock kitsch (with variations like Gnarly, Funky, and Get Ready—where’s Austin Powers when we need him?) to electronic machine gun fire to pizzicato strings. 

Like the aliens bar in Star Wars, Delectable from Hypnotic Vibe is solidly in the electronic smoke-filled dance-trance lounges of the future.  An expansive melody keeps it from losing focus as it trots out the laundry list of futuristic sounds, then veers back into hypnotic sophistication.

From Dubstep, Champions Rock You has that “sounds like that song” effect combined with plenty of heavy percussion, hammering bullets and heroic forward motion.  Film trailers, Suspense and Video Games are a natch for it. 

With synthesizer heavy metal of the future, A New Dub Message brings out the intensity you want for Sports footage or Product Videos.  This up-tempo driving dub-groove from the same album tracks tightly, marching with a driving relentlessness.  The body count’s definitely going to five figures at least.  Do not try to kill the messenger, you’ll be vaporized on sight!

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