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SmartSound’s selection of Futuristic Video Game Music lends an ethereal quality to your video games.

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Market Pioneers

Project KOKA

Album: Project MillenniumWe’re all over Project Millennium and its throbbing electronica-beat. It’s energetic and driving tune lends power to the rock and pop band who created it. Pulsating synthesizer strains complement its unexpected twists and power the cut forward. Skip to Cyberspace for a driving action theme to accompany your project. A lively synthesizer adds to the energetic, futuristic feel. An ideal tune as is or customize it your way. Acronym lovers might want to key NASDAQ into their video game to enjoy its sleek and futuristic sound; its brooding, ethereal quality is ideal for hypnotic and mystical creations. Energy AboundsSleek, exciting, happy, uplifting … nothing is missing from the track EKG. It’s effervescent and exuberant tone lends itself to dramatic action in this adrenaline-pumping cut. The dynamic piece is spirited, tense and action-packed. Still searching? Spin Market Pioneers and enjoy this powerful composition. It’s confident, lively and uplifting; ideal for corporate and action productions. Project KOKA is a bonus tune with its fun Indian-infused dance tracks. Authentic Indian vocals accompany the world trance beat. Ideal for projects requiring bold, electronica club music. SmartSound’s high-quality, royalty-free music with award-winning technology is unique to your project – every time. Pay once, use forever. SmartSound — The Only Customizable Royalty Free Music Library


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