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Inspired by the highly popular Food Network show, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, GFGF (short for Great Food, Great Friends) gives you the ultimate palette (pun intended!) of rousing, fun rock tunes. Ideal for almost any type of project, these tunes are so toe-tapping they’ll turn your movie into an instant party of good friends. Use Sonicfire Pro’s Mood Mapping technology with these tracks to easily create different textures that follow your scene’s transitions perfectly.

Album Tracks

Cherry Buckle

Drive your Chevy straight to the drive-in and order an extreme dose of fun complete with exciting synth, hand clapping and driving drums for a rollicking, boisterous and dynamic tune.

Come And Get Me

Driving, electric guitar power chords rock this potent song creating a polished backdrop for a fast-paced scene.

Fun Ride

Stimulating electric guitars punch out a lively refrain redolent of fun times with friends in this party-like track.

Get Outta Town

Pop out of the hurdles with twangy guitar, percussion, dominant and powerful bass guitar and fuel your scenes with action and intrigue.

Heading Home

Funky guitars with a down-on-the-Bayou feel offer a lively, grooving tune with organ and synth backdrops and a strong guitar hook for a decidedly vigorous composition.

Let’s Do This

Driving percussion, shakers and electric guitar announce a rowdy and boisterous song with a popular edge ideal for film trailers, commercials or corporate promos.

Old Time Ride

A rousing, whimsical piano kicks up a dash of quaint, old-time tomfoolery in this stirring, danceable tune.

Reuben’s Shuffle

A jazzy shuffle calls up casual days dancing at drive-ins, the beach and on car tops as swirling guitars and drums crank up the heat and shatter the dance scene.

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Target Practice

Heavy drums, sharp cymbals, tambourine and organ lead a vibrant guitar charge ideal for carefree, lighthearted scenes.

Word Of Mouth

Tap your fingers on the steering wheel as you roll down the highway with a bit of blues driven by electric organ, synth and a warm, old-time rock and roll feel.




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