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Unless you’re in Scrooge-mode, Goofy Royalty Free Music is about synonymous with comedy and fun.  SmartSound delivers on the promise with circus-like to dream-like tracks ranging from tongue-in-cheek to orchestral.

Featured Goofy Royalty Free Music

Thrillls and Spills

A Child’s Daydream

Lazy Daisy

Back in the Days

Silly Street

Delightful and lively enough to back up the most energetic kids-at-play scene, Thrillls and Spills trots out all vibrant, unusual instruments to create its sprightly ambience.  Tubas, fifes, cheerful strings, light percussion instruments all take their bows in this winsome track from Sunday Matinee.

From Goofy, Silly & Sweet comes another quirky track available for Commercials or Home Videos called A Child’s Daydream.  Recorder melody leads, lending a perfect kid-style touch to a carefully-crafted song.  What sounds like muted vocals streaming in and out is really electric piano with no recognizable words; sort of like what filters through of mom or dad’s words when kidlet is lost in the clouds.

From the same album, Lazy Daisy sounds just like an outing at the parade; Retro Rock with Tuba, Trombone and the rest of the Big Band pounds out a laid-back, yet well-defined tune, perfect for any comedic scene.

From Indie Film Fest comes a grown-up version of goofy, in Back in the Days. Piano and trumpet take this waltz-like track on a back-and-forth journey from old-fashioned ice cream parlor type fun into a darker Italian sound, in a mood suggestive of music for Tony Soprano’s great-niece’s wedding.

An up-to-the minute version of goofy, Silly Street from Kids & Tweens turns to Hip Hop for its vibe; Major Payne might have called on this one for his troops’ encore.  Teen Pop style echoes variation names such as Street and Power, but you can use the first half the song for the younger set, with variations Toys and Whistle.

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From Land of Wonder, goofy turns far more orchestral in Hijinks Ahoy.  If there’s such a thing as a kids’ chase scenes this is the track to use.  It could be the overture for a major children’s animated epic, or back up the hard-hitting boisterous antics of your own tribe in Home Videos.

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