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Give a HootLooking to create a soothing and hopeful mood then look to the energetic soundtrack Hoot Town from the Organic Pop album. This leisurely, outdoorsy cut will make you smile as will its sister cut on the same album, Shake and Jive. Shake and Jive is mid-tempo with a cool, confident, toe-tapping sway ideal for refreshing, outdoor scenes. Also, check out Boughs of Heather on the album Natural Progressions—a super sweet acoustic guitar lays down some cheerful, upbeat background music for outdoorsy scenes.

Strolling Down The Path with Power Play Hop on board with the indie pop rock sound of the album Power Play featuring Strolling Down the Path. It’s carefree, fresh and fun thanks to some lively mandolin and guitar picking. Raise the happy-meter in your production with Just Another Way, an easy-listening acoustic pop soundtrack that’ll make you sway in place and then spin around an imaginary dance floor. Just Another Way is refreshing and motivating with an indie-rock laid-back feel ideal that’s breezy and positive and a snap to match with happy, outdoorsy scenes.

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